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CSGS Council (2016-17)

The Executive

Dijana Kosmajac

Daniel Yule

Emma Sylvester
Vice-President (External)

Hossein Mohammadhassanzadeh


Program Representatives

Sara Khanchi
Ph.D. Representative

Marwan Abouelela
MHI Representative

Carlos Ureta
MEC Representative

Divya Dola
MCS Representative

Purvesh Patel
MACS Representative

Council Members

Nabil Hannan


Dr. Bonnie Mackay
Faculty Representative




Past Councils

CSGS was formed in January/February 2014, and ratified in March 2014. Listed below are the past councils:

  • Council 1: 2014-15
    Raghav V. Sampangi (President)
    Jeremy Porter (Vice-President Internal)
    Daniel Yule (Vice-President External)
    Gabriella Mosquera (Treasurer)
    Alex Safatli (Secretary, March-August 2014)
    Dijana Kosmajac (Secretary, September 2014-April 2015)
    Saurabh Dey (Ph.D. Representative)
    Bandar Albarakati (MCS Representative)
    Colin Conrad (MEC Representative)
    Arun Salunkhe (MHI Representative)
    Armin Sajadi (Member-at-Large, March-June 2014)
    Hossein Mohammadhassanzadeh (Member-at-Large, July 2014-April 2015)
    Dr. Kirstie Hawkey (Faculty Representative)
  • Council 2: 2015-16
    Gabriella Mosquera (President)
    Jeremy Porter (Vice-President Internal)
    Daniel Yule (Vice-President External)
    Dijana Kosmajac (Treasurer)
    Saurabh Dey (Secretary)
    Sara Khanchi (Ph.D. Representative)
    Bandar Albarakati (MCS Representative)
    Antony Raphy (MACS Representative)
    Carlos Ureta (MEC Representative)
    Albee Zhan (MHI Representative)
    Hossein Mohammadhassanzadeh (Member-at-Large)
    Dr. Bonnie MacKay(Faculty Representative)


If you are interested in getting involved and / or if you are interested in representing your student body on the council (in case there are vacant positions), please send us an email at DalCSGS@dal.ca, and attend the council meeting.






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