All current Faculty of Computer Science graduate students are automatically full members of the CSGS. This includes PhD, MCS, MACS, MEC, MHI, MS-Comp. Bio/Bioinformatics students. Full members have the right to participate in CSGS elections.

Get Involved

If you are a Graduate student in the Faculty of Computer Science student at Dalhousie University, and are interested in getting involved with CSGS or if you are interested in representing your student body on our council, send us an email at, and/or attend any of our council meetings.

Upcoming Events

We will update this page when we have an event planned. Events will be online, with no in-person participation.

Council Members


Nitish Bhardwaj

Nitish is a Masters of Applied Computer Science (MACS) student.He’s dedicated to student causes, and always looking to get involved in student activities.

VP Internal

Jigar Makwana

Jigar is a Master of Applied Computer Science student at Dalhousie. He finds himself sketching, painting, playing badminton, up-ending books in his leisure time. He is an enthusiastic traveler. Three words that perhaps describe him are ambitious, adventurous, and creative. He loves to get involved in education outreach and public engagement activities.

VP External

Vikram Singh

Vikram is a MACS student. He is a dynamic leader who works for the welfare of students. He loves to travel and make new friends. You can often find him playing ping pong at Dalplex.

Trishla Shah Photo


Trishla Shah

Trishla is a current Ph.D. student at FCS and CSGS Treasurer, her research focuses on Security and Tap Payment Systems.


Hariprashanth Deivasigamani

Hari is a MCS student at FCS and CSGS Secretary. A passionate Public Speaker and a Hiker who loves to plan trips. He loves to involve himself in various extracurricular activities around Dal, He is also the VP-Public Relations in Dal Toastmasters, He is passionate about Gaming, AR/VR and HCI technologies.

Reza Soltani

PhD Representative

Reza Soltani

He is a Ph.D. student at the Dalhousie University, Computer Science department, since Jan 2020. He is interested in Blockchain technology and its application. He got his BSc from the University of Isfahan, Iran, and his Master from the University of Tehran, Iran.

Marika Pelham's Photo

MHI Representative

Marika Pelham

Marika is a MHI student and current representative for graduate students in the MHI Graduate Program.

Hita Swamy

MEC Representative

Hita Swamy

I am Hita Swamy from MEC program and the current MEC / MDI Representative. I find it amusing to learn new things everyday and always up for challenges !!

Maya Varrier

MACS Representative

Maya Varrier

Maya is a MACS student. She is interested in volunteering activities and is dedicated to whatever responsibilities she has taken up

Olashile Adebimpe's Photo

MCS Representative

Olashile Adebimpe

Olashile is a MCS student and Research Assistant in the Institute for Big Data Analytics Lab at FCS.

Ghada Asiri's Photo


Ghada Asiri

Ghada Asiri is a MEC student. She is ambitious, enjoys learning new skills, and quickly adapts to changes.

Photo of Zaher Abd Ulmoula


Zaher Abd Ulmoula

Zaher is a graduate student at FCS and a Member-at-Large for CSGS.

Gabriella Mosquera Photo

Faculty Representative

Gabriella Mosquera

Gabriella Mosquera is an Instructor in our Faculty and the current Faculty Representative for CSGS.

Our Society

The Computer Science Graduate Society (CSGS) was established in 2014 to represent the voice of the graduate student body at the Faculty of Computer Science, at Dalhousie University, and cater to the needs of graduate students, both within the Faculty and at the University level.

Since its establishment, CSGS has worked to enhance the community atmosphere within the Faculty and the broader Dalhousie University community by coordinating and promoting academic activities such as the Dalhousie Computer Science In-house (DCSI) Conference and Discover Mondays, sporting events such as the Annual CSGS Cup and CSGS Soccer, and other social events such as CSGS Trivia, Holiday Potluck, and Board Game Afternoons.

Check out our Contact CSGS page to find out how to be a part of CSGS!

Our Events

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