Call for Nominations!

CSGS is currently looking for nominations for the 2018-2019 Council. Email your nominations  and/or questions to our Elections Chair at

Call for Nominations

Get Involved With CSGS!

Volunteer with the CSGS Council and help enhance student life at FCS. Send us an email at or attend any of our meetings to learn more about CSGS.

Get Involved With CSGS

CSGS Council Meetings

Check out our upcoming events calendar, stop by and meet our Council at our next Council Meeting! All CS Graduate Students are welcome to attend.

CSGS Council Meeting

Join Us at Our Next Event!

CSGS events are open to all FCS Graduate Students, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Faculty and Staff. Check out our upcoming Events calendar and join us!

Join Us at Our Next Event

Our Membership

Full Members (voting):
Students enrolled in all Graduate programs at the Faculty of Computer Science (Ph.D., MCS, MACS, MEC, MHI, MS [Comp. Bio/Bioinformatics])

Honorary Members (non-voting):
Faculty and Staff at the Faculty of Computer Science.

Get Involved

If you are a Graduate student in the Faculty of Computer Science student at Dalhousie University, and are interested in getting involved with CSGS or if you are interested in representing your student body on our council, send us an email at, and/or attend any of our council meetings.

Upcoming Events

Trip-By-Bus to Long Lake
Date: Thu. Nov. 9, 2017
Time: 11:00am
Location: CS Atrium

Council Meeting
Date: Fri. Nov.10, 2017
Time: 2:00pm
Location: CS 211

Meet Our 2017-2018 Council
Gabriella Mosquera Photo


Gabriella Mosquera

Gabriella is a Ph.D. student, Lecturer, and Research Assistant in the Data Mining and Natural Language Processing Lab.

Photo of Asad Khan

VP Internal

Asad Khan

Asad Khan is a MEC student at FCS. He is a staunch believer of giving back to the community through volunteering.

Raphael Bronfman-Nadas Photo

VP External

Raphael Bronfman-Nadas

Raphael is a MCS student at the NIMS Lab, DCSI 2018 Co-Chair, and Geek Labs lead organizer.

Trishla Shah Photo


Trishla Shah

Trishla is a current Ph.D. student at FCS and CSGS Treasurer, her research focuses on Security and Tap Payment Systems.

Asha Kamesh Photo


Asha Kamesh

Asha is a MCS student at FCS and CSGS Secretary. She’s always involved, helpful, and dedicated to student activities.

Elham Etemad Photo

PhD Representative

Elham Etemad

Elham is a Ph.D. student and Research Assistant at the Machine Learning and Networked Information Spaces Lab.

Marwan Abouelela Photo

MHI Representative

Marwan Abouelela

Marwan is a MHI student and current representative for graduate students in the MHI Graduate Program.

Roberto Abarca Photo

MEC Representative

Roberto Abarca

Roberto is a MEC student focusing on data analytics and visualization, he is a big fan of comics, movies and music, and loves travelling.

Photo of Choudhury Saadmaan Mahmid

MACS Representative

Choudhury Saadmaan Mahmid

Saadmaan is an MACS student and current representative for graduate students in the MACS Graduate Program.

Mohammad Etemad Photo

MCS Representative

Mohammad Etemad

Mohammad is a MCS student at FCS and is the current representative for graduate students in the MCS Graduate Program.

Fateha Khanam Bappee Photo


Fateha Khanam Bappee

Fateha is a Ph.D. student and Research Assistant in the Institute for Big Data Analytics Lab at FCS.

Photo of Afsan Gujarati


Afsan Gujarati

Afsan is a MEC student. He is adventurous and likes taking up challenges.

Raghav V Sampangi Photo

Faculty Representative

Dr. Raghav Sampangi

Dr. Sampangi is an Instructor in our Faculty and the current Faculty Representative for CSGS.

Our Society

The Computer Science Graduate Society (CSGS) was established in 2014 to represent the voice of the graduate student body at the Faculty of Computer Science, at Dalhousie University, and cater to the needs of graduate students, both within the Faculty and at the University level.

Since its establishment, CSGS has worked to enhance the community atmosphere within the Faculty and the broader Dalhousie University community by coordinating and promoting academic activities such as the Dalhousie Computer Science In-house (DCSI) Conference and Discover Mondays, sporting events such as the Annual CSGS Cup and CSGS Soccer, and other social events such as CSGS Trivia, Holiday Potluck, and Board Game Afternoons.

Check out our Contact CSGS page to find out how to be a part of CSGS!

Our Events

CSGS AGM Event Photo

CSGS Annual General Meeting

Get involved with CSGS!

CSGS Cup Soccer Event Winners Photo

The Annual CSGS Cup

Mona Campbell CS Team Wins the 2014 CSGS Cup!

Board Game Afternoons Event Promo Photo

CSGS Board Games

Need a break to unwind and relax? Join us on Board Game Afternoons in the FCS Atrium!

CSGS Trivia Winners Group Photo

CSGS Trivia

Proud of your Trivia skills? Join us at our next CSGS Trivia Event in the FCS Atrium.

DCSI 2015 Organizing Committee Group Photo

Conference Planning

Join DCSI's Organizing Committee!

Ladies Learning Code Mentor Tag

CSGS and WiTS on GLC Day

National Girls Learning Code Day, hosted by Ladies Learning Code (LLC)

CSGS Trivia Photo

CSGS Trivia

Proud of your Trivia skills? Join us for CSGS Trivia in the FCS Atrium.


National Girls Learning Code Day

CSGS and WiTS on National Girls Learning Code Day, hosted by Ladies Learning Code (LLC)

CSGS Holiday Potluck Photo

CSGS Holiday Potluck

Show off your culinary skills! Join us at our Annual Holiday Potluck this December.

CSGS Soccer

Co-ed Soccer during the Summer and Fall!

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