CSGS Student Grants

CSGS Student Grants

All Dalhousie Computer Science Graduate students are eligible to apply for assistance with conference, competition, or special events (related to their program of study) travel and registration costs.

How to Apply for a CSGS Student Grant

To apply for a CSGS Student Grant, you must:

  1. Complete the CSGS Grant Application form.
  2. Complete a formal cover letter (1-2 pages max.) including the title of the presentation or research project you will be presenting, a statement of how attending this conference/competition/special event will benefit your program or research, a statement of how this grant will assist your conference/competition/special event costs, and a list of all other sources (including amounts) of funding you are expecting to receive.
  3. Include copies of receipts or invoices of your conference, competition, or special event expenses.
  4. Not have already applied and been approved for a CSGS Grant within the same term (i.e., a student may receive a CSGS Grant only once per term).

If you are approved for a CSGS Grant, you’ll be required to present at a CSGS Discover event, prior to receiving your funds.

Please submit your completed application package via email to DalCSGS@dal.ca.

Please allow several weeks for your application to be reviewed. If you are unable to apply for a grant before your event, retroactive grants may be made to individual applicants who apply for a grant during the same semester as the conference, competition or event attended, up to 30 days after the final day of travel or the final date of the event, whichever is later.

Download Application (PDF, 81KB).

In addition to CSGS Student Grants, Computer Science Graduate students, in good standing, are also able to apply for other grants available on campus. Click here to find out more!

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