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Meet Our 2021-2022 Council



Robert Smith

Robert Smith is the President and is always willing to support various initiatives/activities pertaining to the faculty of computer science.



Darshana Upadhyay

Darshana is pursuing her PhD in information security under the supervision of Dr.Srinivas Sampalli. She is a key member of the MYTech (EMerging Wireless Technology) research lab.  Her primary research includes algorithm conceptualization, vulnerability assessments, and intrusion detection techniques for IoT/SCADA-based systems. Helping others is just the secret that not only makes her happier but also makes her healthier, more productive, and more meaningful. 



Caleidgh Bayer 

Caleidgh is a Master of Computer Science student. She also manages this website.


Executive member

Ohiduzzaman Shuvo

Ohiduzzaman Shuvo, a master’s student in the Computer Science department of Dalhousie university. He is also a research assistant at Intelligent Automation in Software EngineeRing (RAISE)lab run by Dr. Masud Rahman.
In the past, he worked as a lecturer and program coordinator at the Computer Science department of Green University, Bangladesh, for more than two years. He is an enthusiastic traveler, and particularly, he loves to hike. Three words that describe him are punctual, ambitious, and adventurous.


PhD Representative

Patricia Kibenge-MacLeod

Patricia is a PhD student studying network security under the supervision of Dr. Qiang Ye. Her interests include cybersecurity, IoT, computer science education, and increasing the number of underrepresented groups in computer science. During this academic year, she hopes to have a positive impact on the experience of her graduate student colleagues.


MCS Representative

Pratyasha Bhattacharya

Pratyasha is a master’s research student of Computer Science, also part of the Persuasive Computing Lab (PCL) at Dalhousie University, under the supervision of Dr. Rita Orji. She is interested in the area of Human-Computer Interaction in healthcare, wellness, and behaviour change interventions using persuasive technologies.


MACS Representative

Tarash Agarwal

Tarash is a Master of Applied Computer Science student who started his journey at Dal in January 2022. He is currently working as a Software Engineer with Kyndryl Canada and has an overall experience of four years in the software industry. He believes in possessing a varied set of skills to be successful in life and is always eager to learn new things. Outside academic hours he likes to swim, workout, travel, and watch historical dramas or Marvel.


MDI Representative

Arjun Gupta

Arjun is a Master of Digital Innovation student with a certificate in Data Science. He is now employed at the Nova Scotia Health Authority as a Data Engineer & Analyst, and he has four years of experience in the IT profession. Furthermore, he works out in Dalplex on a daily basis to de-stress. He likes to assist others in whatever way he can.


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