Dalhousie Computer Science In-house Conference

The Dalhousie Computer Science In-house Conference (DCSI) is a student-led conference with the objective to showcase and promote student research at the Faculty of Computer Science, and strengthen the research community within the Faculty of Computer Science.

The Dalhousie Computer Science In-house Conference (DCSI)

DCSI is an annual in-house conference in the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University. And provides FCS Students with first-hand experience of an academic conference, from the initial peer-review process to the final presentation, and it allows student volunteers to further develop their leadership and teamwork skills by participating in the organization process.

Registration is free, completed papers are showcased during presentation sessions, our lightning talks include extended abstract submissions, DCSI’s poster sessions are attended by industry, and prizes are awarded to top papers.

For more information visit the Dalhousie Computer Science In-house Conference (DCSI) Site

All Faculty of Computer Science graduate students, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Faculty, and Staff are welcome to attend DCSI.

Faculty of Computer Science,
Dalhousie University
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Office: Mona Campbell Building, Room 4239

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